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NEW to the world! Be one of the first to own this future classic!
POCKETNOTES™ is the easiest and most elegant solution out there to draw a music staff on any piece of paper. Or to organise a page of music just the way you want.
Its slick design and ease of use makes it the perfect companion for composers, songwriters or music students.
Originally developed by a classical music composer for his own use, Pocketnotes is made out of eco-friendly stainless steel to last for a lifetime.
Take POCKETNOTES with you and never be out of a music staff again! Give one to a friend and they'll never forget you!

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Pocketnotes™ measures 19.5cm x 2.7 cm x 0.7 mm (7.67 in x 1.07 in x 0.02 in). It works with most pens and pencils, with the exception of some thicker ballpoint models.